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Non-Alexa with AWS

You have to respect Amazon that if there’s a business to be had, they will work to make it happen. It reminds me a bit of the Borg — unemotionally assimilating new types of business under the AWS umbrella. Long before Polly or Lex were available, we were postulating that Amazon might release a similar service.

Amazon is OK with you creating your own custom AI interaction — and even better if it can run on its platform. If you combine a wake word engine with Lex and then have the output through Polly, you can build your own unique interaction. In between, you can setup some Lambda functions for hosting the interaction or Cognitor for user identification.

What could be some interesting applications or services for AWS in the future?

  1. Voice registration and identification. Can this be used to identify users and unlock apps across devices?
  2. Music streaming API. What if this were a simple stripped down version of Alexa that just involved music requests and streaming?
  3. Voice shopping API. Similar to music, but only for shopping. Amazon could offer this for free, so it would drive Amazon sales.
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