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Non Screen Visual Interfaces

One area where there still might be some room for development is in non-screen visual interfaces. Voice is great for getting access to quick information but as soon as one person in a household goes to bed, using voice can be irksome for everyone.

In terms of visual interfaces, slowly people are becoming aware of how blue hues affect sleep cycles. Programs like f.lux have increased in popularity. However, a standard screen using this software doesn’t always yield the most optimized experience.

Lights to indicate time and events have been out for some time. Philips Hue bulbs can be setup with IFTTT for almost any event. Some other interfaces that might make sense for the evening household are:

  • Xperia Touch — a small projector that would work well in low light environments.
  • Anything e-ink with a backlight.
  • Monochrome laser keyboards

It’s likely that a new breed of interfaces that rely on projecting light onto a surface are going to make evening interaction with technology more natural.

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