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Oh Really, Bixby?

One of my motivations for upgrading to the S8 was Bixby. I’m a sucker for voice technologies. Bixby is finally available in Canada so I spent a few minutes setting it up. A couple of initial thoughts:

  • The training process is well done.
  • The first part of the training is in calibrating the wake word, likely to increase its accuracy.
  • The second part of the training is for calibrating pronounciation.
  • Reading back strange phrases seemed a bit like Her
  • Push and hold to talk is a good implementation
  • It doesn’t initially understand some apps, like Gmail. Maybe this is on purpose?
  • Also, of the 3,000 things it says it can do, what is the first suggestion? “Turn Off Google Account Synch” Seriously??? That’s like Siri saying the first thing you should do is uninstall anything Google.
  • There seems to be a bit of latency in both wake word and PTT interaction

I’ll try it out more over the coming weeks but my phone is getting crowded with wake words!

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