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Outside Voice

There are a number of technologies that are going to make public voice interaction with displays a lot more reliable:

  • Improved speech to text
  • Improved and lower cost DSP technology
  • More resilient displays (e-ink)
  • Easier and longer range Internet connectivity (through 5G or LoRa or similar)
  • Faster NLU responses

Some applications where this improvement will be seen:

  • Ordering kiosks (similar to those in McDonald’s)
  • Interactive robots
  • Drive through windows

Imagine a line of food trucks with pop up kiosks so you don’t need to wait in a long queue to order or a fleet of way pointing robots that guide your through stores or rush to answer questions if you have one. Perhaps this is a space where companies like Square could help level the playing field between an establish franchise / big box store and a part time professional.

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