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Overcoming the Clunkiness of the Mobile Experience

It’s a clunky experience to do meaningful work on a mobile device. Short responses are definitely possible but anything that requires some thought and reflection isn’t easily feasible on today’s devices.

As laptops and tablets merge, we may see new interfaces start to form that can tie into the convenience of and ubiquity of phones. For example, typing on a mobile device -even with swipe type or a physical thumb keyboard is cumbersome. Also, the social norm is that you’re texting or emailing someone… or posting a quick comment on Instagram. What limits input more than anything is input speed and this is mostly due to physical size.

These new interfaces might look like a augmented reality keyboards or gesture devices like Myo. What would be most practical but probably a little cooky would be protected keyboards. If haptic engines could also vibrate a surface to mimic keyboard taps, that would be even better.

It might be a few more generations of phones new Samsung or Apple are willing to take a risk on these features.

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