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Pebble Core No More

Today, two things happened with Pebble for me. First, I had received a shipping notification to pick up a package from Pebble… only to find inside just a Pebble 2 (and not the Core) and second, an email from Pebble that the company was no longer.

I have a lot of nostalgia from Pebble. Seeing there success on Kickstarter was a big motivation for us to get the Ubi onto Kickstarter. Eric (their founder) was very helpful with advice on our campaign and generous with his time in talking about running a hardware startup.

Like the Ubi, Pebble was a first in a category. Long before Apple Watch was out, people were raving about the Pebble. It lasted longer and was open to developers.

And even after a torrent of wearables hit the market, Pebble had another successful campaign and made things interesting again with the Pebble Core. This was a screen-less Alexa device. Awesome! Alas, it’ll remain just an idea — for now.

I hope that with Pebble components finding a home with Fitbit, that innovation will continue to come from the team. This was a smart group of people who were designing fun elements into consumer hardware.

Good luck Eric and team!

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