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Pebble Wishlist

The day I received my Pebble watch was the day they announced they were selling their assets to Fitbit. Surprisingly (to me), I’ve kept wearing my Pebble. Before that, I was not an advocate of wearables and didn’t wear a watch but it’s been a big convenience and I’ve kept it on since receiving it.

The things I like about it:

  • It’s low key and not flashy
  • It lasts awhile
  • Endpoint detection on speech responses is good

Things I wish could be changed (some are the fault of the watch, others not):

  • Much longer charge time
  • Built in Google Assistant button / recording
  • Voice memo button
  • More reliable connectivity to device
  • Little more warning about when to plug in for charging
  • Faster charge times
  • FIND MY PHONE (like Tile)

While these might be available on other watches, the e-ink/low profile nature of the Pebble is great for non-distracting use. Hopefully, some of the larger players will take on this type of form factor.

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