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Pepper, You Can Do Better

I ran into Pepper yesterday at a restaurant in LAX. Pepper, you can do better. A few notes:

  • Pepper seemed fidgety, not holding still when I was trying to navigate the touchscreen.
  • Pepper was impatient. As I was navigating the page, Pepper’s tolerance for idle time was low — like three seconds. It was unpleasant.
  • Pepper jumped into a pitch and was overly sell-y. It reminded me of that “sell me a pen” exercise. Those inexperienced with sales will talk about the virtues of the pen. Those more experienced will ask questions of buyer. Pepper didn’t do that.
  • Pepper is bright, cutesy, and cheerful. The personality needs to match the setting. In this case, it was standing outside of a rustic themed restaurant in Terminal 6. It was out of place. As is, it would make sense outside of a Froyo stand more than a sit down restaurant.
  • Pepper was asking questions but it wasn’t clear if I should speak a response or use the touchscreen.

Calm down, Pepper. Take a little more time in your responses. Be more patient.

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