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Pre-config of the Echo

Today, many people will be receiving an Echo as a gift. It made me think that probably quite a large number are going to experience the issue of setting up the Echo under their own account. The reason this is a problem is that the Echo ships with it setup under the orderer’s Amazon account. To get to work on another account, it has to be de-registered. This is an easy process but it might be one that most people forget to do, especially before gifting an Echo. This isn’t the case with the Google Home, which needs to be setup with an account only after its received.

Truthfully, I like the Echo’s approach. It reduces the steps to setting up an Echo and prevents it from being assigned to the wrong account (and protects the buyer a bit — it can’t be registered otherwise). It’d be interesting if they’d take it a step further and allow for complete WiFi pre-config while ordering. This way, you’d just need to plug in the Echo and it’d work.

Maybe this will be the case with both devices in the coming year?

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