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Fellow Canadian company, Maluuba, announced today a new Q&A service for building interactions. The tools can be used for training AIs in how to answer questions. Many programmers who want to develop Echo-like products are looking for Q&A (question and answer) services. The real problem is that they’re looking for general knowledge domain (yes, that’s a bit of an oxymoron).

When we were creating the Ubi, we were lucky to find a partner who could supply us with an AIML-based Q&A service that was essentially a large table of thousands of crowd-sourced answers as well as links to information-based APIs.

Wolfram-Alpha has an API and there are now likely hundreds of APIs that support different domains (and it’s possible to build a source by crawling Wikipedia). However, the biggest challenge is taking the results and turning them into natural language spoken results, as a human would speak.

We’ll likely see new APIs open up over the next year that allow for a customized interaction with general knowledge.

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