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Simpler Tools

Peter Diamandis and Steve Kotler in Bold talk about how it’s tools that help drive big leaps in innovation. These tools can be used to implement emerging technologies and make it easier for the benefit of the technology to spread. AWS, WordPress, Tensor Flow — all examples of tools that have created the foundation for explosive website and web app growth and now for the coming AI revolution.

Tool creation also helps establish the boundaries for the next level of technological progress. The tool is typically automating many tasks. At some point, the act of using the tool becomes automated, allowing for further development. This is the theory behind Moore’s Law.

As a tool maker, one of the challenges we face is finding the sweet spot between utility and simplicity. Too many facets of the tool dilute its impact and make it more complex. Too much simplicity and the tool can’t be used to tackle complex tasks.

However, tools rarely get to the “too simple” realm. By the time they arrive there, they’ve already been incorporated by the next generation of tool completing a higher level task.

The next step to accelerate technology development is to development tool-building tools or at least ones that incorporate their evolution into their design.

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