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Since Last Year’s AVIOS

· AVIOS,Speech Recognition,AI

Today, I had the chance to present at the AVIOS’ Conversation Interactions conference in San Jose. It’s been great to hear how much things have change in just one year since the last conference.

A year ago, we were only talking about the Echo, not the Google Home. Facebook Messenger Bots hadn’t been released, Assistant hadn’t yet come out, and Alexa Skills were only starting to get traction. The deep effort to get Echo to become mainstream had begun, with the first Superbowl ads appearing. No AVS devices had come out but the second version of the API was out.

Fast forward to today and voice interfaces have blossomed. There are many AVS devices being marketed, Bots and Actions, and Skills are likely to hit 10K shortly. Based on what I’m hearing here, we haven’t seen much yet. We’re likely to see many new layers of interaction with different services based on our location, purchase history, or emotions.

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