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The Alarm Clock

· Sleep,tech

There are likely hundreds of millions of alarm clocks in the world — all perched within a meter of where we sleep. It’s incredible how much ubiquity the alarm clock has achieved, especially in hotel rooms.

Being where it’s placed and used, the alarm clock is one of those devices that is a prime device for voice interaction. Setting an alarm on a new device can be daunting and even turning on music or tuning to a station (or controlling volume) can be challenging.

In the end, voice can help with setting alarms and music. Additionally, an alarm is great for monitoring sleep, light, and sound levels in a room or as a hub for low power devices (like BLE).

Ivee, Reminder Rosie, Vobot, and even the Echo Dot have already worked on voice in clocks and may find a lot of success. However, there’s a large market. An Echo Dot sized device with a display is almost begging to be produced and because people have lots of different tastes, the market could likely support multiple offerings.

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