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The Cortana Speaker

It seems the next month might see major players release 3 or 4 new voice devices. The latest frenzy is around the Harman Cortana speaker. This rumor has been around since at least December. The weird relationship is that Samsung bought Harman (or made a bid) in the fall.

While Cortana has been around on Windows devices including the lighter/embedded versions of Windows for awhile, it hasn’t been extended as an API. This is a shame. Immediately, at least if music was enabled, it could compete with AVS or even Embedded Google Assistant SDK.

The Invoke invokes a “me too” feel. The issue is that it’s not enough for voice devices to match the Echo in functionality, they need to leapfrog it to be able to displace Echo market share. Maybe Microsoft will try to bypass the consumer market and aim at business applications for the device, similar to the Surface.

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