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The Effort of Voice

There is a non-trivial amount of effort that’s required to use voice. Just going through the mental task list:

  • Originate the desired question
  • Understand what information would be required to answer that question
  • Understand the sources of information to retrieve the answer
  • Formulate the words of the request
  • Actuate the voice input (take out a phone, face towards an Echo, etc)
  • Vocalize the request
  • Anticipate the response

Other factors that are consciously or unconsciously considered:

  • Is someone else present?
  • What will they think of my question?
  • How far am I from the device?
  • How much noise is there around me? How likely is my request to be successful?

Are there ways we can reduce the amount of effort required before a voice command is made?

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