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The Super Bowl of Voice Ads

Last year, Amazon spent a small fortune on a series of Super Bowl ads featuring Alec Baldwin, Dan Merino, Missy Elliot, and others. There was a lead up to the event that showed how Alec was using the Echo to make party planning easier and showing the different ways one could engage with the Echo.

This year, Amazon is advertising Echo being used to order pizza from Pizza Hut (and might trigger a few Echos… ironically after a snack stadium was being destroyed), order and Uber, or count calories. This means more exposure of Echo and Alexa to a mass market.

Google is countering the same with a 1-minute shmaltzy ad showing how Google Home can bring people together. It’ll be interesting to see how the two perform (Google is probably looking more at a brand building where Amazon is more light hearted, trying to show the convenience Echo ads to the home).

With $5M being reported for 30 seconds of Super Bowl ad time on Fox, at least on face value, this means $25M being spent just in airtime, not including other tie ins or production.

Two titans clashing in a technology battle… that’s the more interesting game.

You can check out the spots here:

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