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The War of Announcements

It’s a big week for Apple and they have a lot of things to contend with. Playing the announcement game is difficult and this one, related to the new iPhone, might have been almost a year or more in the making. Now, Irma is landing and if the news of it doesn’t blow over by Tuesday (pardon the horrible pun), then they might have to postpone but in any case, will likely need to address.

It’s likely that event on Tuesday will also include some news on HomePod and what we can expect starting December when it ships. It might be likely that they include a HomePod with the purchase of an iPhone 8 or as some sort of bundle. Another possibility is showing some new interactions between the HomePod and the iPhone 8.

Google and Amazon will likely be gearing up for some competitive updates that will attempt to bury the iPhone announcements. Samsung has already taken some of the tech thunder with the Note 8 release to satisfy announcement hungry consumers over the summer and will start shipping at the end of this week, making people consider whether they should get one of the new iPhones. The rumour mill is that both Google and Amazon will put out new versions of the Home and Echo and this will also likely happen around the end of this month.

We’re going to very quickly reach a saturation point with media for voice technologies. At least in the short term, Amazon and Google will win over Apple on this front as Apple’s success is tied to hardware sales. It will be the HomePod’s features and performance that will then be needed to get it to catch up with its competitors.

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