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Third Party AVS

One can speculate that a big hope for the Amazon Alexa team is that third party Alexa Voice Service integrations will pull ahead of Amazon created devices. These endpoints will allow for Amazon to extend its tentacles into more space and to more consumers, making it even easier for household purchases to be captured.

AVS allows for this to happen and likely within the next two years, third party AVS integrations (in terms of connected devices) will out number Amazon devices. Maybe the timeline will be less than that.

For this to continue to happen, a few things need to continue to be developed:

  • It has to get easier to integrate AVS into a product.
  • There needs to be continued perceived value by consumers with having Alexa embedded in a product.
  • As new features get rolled out to Alexa, AVS integrations need to remain intact and able to support the features.
  • There needs to be some incentive for hardware companies to use AVS over others if the other voice service (like Google Assistant) excludes being used in conjunction.

For the latter, the war will heat up further. HTC was one of the device makers that was coming on board with an Alexa-enabled phone. Google acquired them this week. One of the drivers of the deal might have been to shut Amazon out of mobile.

We’ll need to see how Amazon responds to those trying to block AVS adoption.

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