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Time to Leave

I miss Google Now’s updates on time to leave. Apparently, this feature is still buried in Google Assistant’s capabilities but it could have been because of complaints of it being so unreliable that Google didn’t continue it.

Awhile back, we had integrated the Augmented Smart Watch App for Android with the Ubi that allowed for system tray notifications to be pushed to the Ubi for announcements. The most useful announcement to come from this was time to leave. Of course, there were other scary things it did like read out anytext message that arrived to your phone.

It would be great if Echo or Google Home could allow for certain notifications to be pushed through as text to speech rather than just notification chimes. You’d likely be OK with tornado alerts being announced or other warnings. Maybe messages from certain contacts could be whitelisted as a push notification?

It might also be interesting for Amazon or the Google Home to setup smart alarms that can wake you up or alert you when you’re more open to receiving the message. This could be either by being present to the device (and able to hear it) or integrating with other devices or wearables that could sense you’re in a better mindset for a notification (like when you’re in light sleep vs REM).

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