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In terms of helping with Alexa Skills discovery, I like how Amazon has started to present new skills. When you ask “What are some new skills?”, Alexa will respond “Here are three new skills…” and then starts listing out the skills. After the it’s spoken the description, it uses the choice words “would you like to try it?” Trying is a lot less of a commitment than “enable” (which it also uses).

I can imagine that Amazon might be A/B testing word choices to see which combination of words leads to a higher conversion to skill enablement. Ultimately, the more skills someone has enabled on Alexa, the less likely they are to migrate to a Google Assistant product.

On the topic of Skills, one that I like is Nightlight. Not so much because I have a need for it, but more because I like how it hacked the UI to get the Echo to constantly glow. Well done!

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