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Unlocking Experiences


Before enabling a payment app, I needed to enhance the unlock settings on my Android device. While I had initially loved the thought of using fingerprint to unlock the phone when I had first purchase it, after a few days of fumbling around with a lock screen and having my fingers rejected, I quickly gave it up.

Now, being forced to re-enable the lock, I’ve again been faced with this experience. Some things that have helped:

  • Using multiple angles for thumbs for different fingers (instead of unlocking with the pinky
  • Enabling bluetooth device unlock (when the device is connected to a bluetooth device, it unlocks the phone)
  • Using geo-fencing to unlock

Despite these being enabled, there are still times when the device will lock and not be conveniently unlocked. The sporadic nature of the unlock when connected to BT feature also makes me question whether this could be used in devices like the Echo or Google Home. For those devices, voice print or even WiFi presence might be a better mechanism for unlocked.

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