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Using Google Alerts to Freak Out Friends

· AI,Email,Life Hacking

At about midnight, my inbox floods with emails. It’s an instrument of my own doing. However, the system I have in place sends me on a daily basis dozens of emails about news or topics I want to keep up to date and people who I’m contacts with. Sometimes, I see my friends appear in stories in out-there publications and I’m able to let them know or wish them a congrats. They might think I’m stalking them, but I’ve outsourced that.

To keep on top of your friends and contacts, there are three easy steps:

  1. Setup a Google Account if you don’t already have one.
  2. Go to
  3. Setup every contact as an alert. For more popular names (e.g. John Smith), you can add the city where they work

As a bonus, if you doing any work with businesses, you can add the business and business contacts to your Alerts. If there was a way to automatically take every person I emailed and automatically setup an alert, that would be fantastic but right now, this is a manual process.

This is an example of AI (if you can even call it that) giving us enhanced abilities. It has the potential of making us more considerate people.

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