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VoCo and Future of Fake News

RadioLab, the amazing WNPR podcast that you should immediately subscribe to, touched a topic near and dear this week… manipulating voice and TTS.

You can check out the episode here.

The program touched on the VoCo keynote from the fall that had the ability to manipulate actor Peele’s voice in real time. RadioLab covered this and talked about how voice and facial manipulation could be used for creating new fake news.

While I don’t think the video side with happen soon (we’re much better at picking up visual fakery vs audio fakery), the technology could easily be used in situations that might require voice only interaction or voice authentication.

What will likely happen is that we are going to rely more on the channel of delivery for trusting content. Perhaps this will mean third party verification of content to ensure that a secure standard was used for capturing and editing the video and showing the work. Maybe sites (like potentially troubled SoundCloud) will be a place for this trust to be established.

While we still rely on telephone for communications and for customer support for the next few years, a technology like VoCo could wreak havoc by some of the more adept con artists. Of course, there are lots of upsides…

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