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Voice and Navigation While On The Road

“OK Google, navigate to the office”… “OK Google, call the office…”

Google Maps is amazing. It completely kills the standalone GPS device when someone has a good mount for their phone. However, there are a few pet peeves, especially when using Android:

  • When navigating and being interrupted by a call, Maps doesn’t come back on the screen after the call is received. Maps should be the priority app when calls come in and there should be call controls while navigating.
  • Google Play Music doesn’t always resume after a command. Meaning that someone needs to leave navigation, find the app, and then press play. This is not safe while driving.
  • The trigger word tone is delayed by almost a second when connected to Bluetooth.

During driving, someone will likely be using maps, making calls, and listening to music streaming to the car’s BT audio. When this is done entirely through an Android device, this should be a seamless process. The issue is that Android is still not a high availability OS and apps tend to have very high latency for switching.

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