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Voice Appliances

The Dot and Home Mini have shown us that voice interaction appliances might look in the future. It wouldn’t surprise me if we see a gen 2 (of the Home) and gen 3 (of the Echo) over the next six months. One goal of Google and Amazon should be to get as many endpoints as possible for their AI assistants. The onramp to their commerce or advertising platform should be as simple.

I’ve written a few times about How Dotty Can the Dot Get. We’ve already seen some devices, such as the iDevices Instinct be announced that will hide Alexa in your light switch. Ecobee’s thermostat does the same. However, clip-on and stick on Echos might come out and be perfect for fridge doors or desktops.

These don’t need to play music in high fidelity or even work in far field, bringing their costs down. Maybe there can even be Alexa stickers?

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