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Voice at CES 2017

CES is about a month away and there are already some ideas about how voice will play a role. Given how voice has made a much larger appearance at CEDIA, IFA, and HK Electronics Fair, it’s likely CES is going to see the emergence of even more larger players in voice.

A few predictions (pure conjecture… so potentially very wrong)

  • Alexa will have a big presence (for the first time — officially)
  • There will be big speaker companies announcing voice offerings
  • Google and Microsoft will also have a presence
  • Most IoT device makers will either have or will be working on Alexa integration
  • Microsoft will announce something Cortana-related (maybe an API?)
  • There will be several Alexa alternatives on the market

It’s like that 2017 will be the year of a major showdown specifically in voice as the big players battle for our attention through this new interface.

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