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Voice at MWC 2018

I had a whirl wind day at MWC last week. However, from the short time that I was there, there was still plenty of voice interactivity on display:

While not as prevalent as other shows, smart speakers with Google Assistant and Alexa Voice Service were on display, such as Jazz Hipster.

Talking robots made theirselves awkwardly available to “help”. The evolution of these devices is sssllloow. Pepper also made a showing.

Echo control of home automation devices is a bit tired now. It’s been done thousands of times at different conference booths.

New DSP technologies are coming out, which will drive down the cost and improve the functionality of far field devices.

There are new booming businesses are custom voice experiences and custom voice interaction. Speechmatics announced “Global English” speech recognition.

Google Assistant and Google Home made more of an appearance, but not as much of a splash as at CES.

Yup… Nokia is still around.

New form factors and locations for voice assistants are going to make voice interaction ubiquitous. Vuzix has it built into their augmented reality glasses. Car makers were advertising Alexa integration (along with… Shazam??).

There were a few entrants in the voice space, including a showing by LinTO.

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