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Voice In Football

Let me start by listing my serious lack of qualifications when it comes to sports commentary. I am not a sports fan. As a kid, I was a fan but over time, like lactose tolerance, I lost my ability to stomach it. However, I realize that billions are spent worldwide on entertainment and peoples’ identities are tied to their sports teams.

So, in football, it amazes me that there’s a coach on the sidelines yelling plays into a headset to communicate to a QB. I can imagine that the coach has a wider view of what’s happening, but the QB sees what’s happening on the ground.

What might be an area for advancement? What if the key information could be triggered and broadcast to each player based on one or two commands from a head coach or the QB? It’s unlikely that with ambient noise, other teammates could pick up the original utterance but even so, the command could be completely re-interpreted and sent by the voice interaction system.

Why leave it to chance for “Blue 42” to be interpreted by a wide receiver when 300 lbs of muscle, bone, fat, and helmet is hurtling towards him?

Imagine if one command could generate 20 separate ones?

Now taking this to the extreme? What if Watson was analyzing the game and was able to send the calls to the players on its own?

Maybe this could be computer chess with human pieces?

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