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Voice in the Garbage

GeniCan did something smart — they added a scanner and voice shopping list taker that mounts inside of a garbage can. This allows you to scan an item that you’ve run out of as you throw it away — or to add it to a shopping list through wake up word / command. This is similar to the Hiku device, except it mounts inside the garbage bin.

I can imagine that this would be great to connect with Amazon Prime Fresh (or same day) delivery. Ideally, if you’ve run out of something, you need the replacement immediately. Otherwise, you need to order just before you run out of an item.

The lifespan of this type of product is five years. At that point, we’ll likely see many household consumables implement re-order technology into the packaging. However, a variant of this could be to monitor garbage levels or types of garbage. It could allow a home robot to sort the garbage or even provide an estimate to local garbage collection of an impending pickup.

If GeniCan were to be another endpoint for Alexa Voice Service or Embedded Google Assistant SDK, it would help make voice interaction more universally accessible.

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