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Voice on Modern Family

Modern Family this week had 6.8 million viewers. It also had a very special guest appearance, Google Home. The device had a great scene both in the show’s opening as well as the last scene in the show where one of the characters, Phil, is thrilled that the Google Home can pull up a scene of a Kangaroo playing tennis.

Back in September, I wrote about how Echo had made a cameo on Mr. Robot within the second to last episode of the 12-episode season. 770,000+ viewers saw it. Modern Family is an order of magnitude more popular than Mr. Robot and Google Home’s appearance is of strategic importance — hitting the demographic that would benefit from the device as well as being seen at a time when people are looking to purchase unique gifts.

Phil demonstrates multiple uses of the Home.

Modern Family is no stranger to using technology props to tell stories. Last year, they built a whole episode around a Facetime conversation. However, this episode shows that voice interactive products are going to be almost as universally accepted as live voice communication.

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