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Voice on Pebble and Other Wearables

Even though Pebble is no more, it’s still great to see their work in pioneering a new interface.

Normally, I’m not a fan of wearables but having played with the Pebble 2 for the past few days, I can conclude that it’s useful. Being able to respond via voice input and to confirm the response before sending is actually quick and helpful, especially on the go.

It would be great if Pebble (or any other device that accepts voice as an input for communication) adopted the same approach we had taken with UbiSPEAK. With the app, we had sent both the STT result as well as the audio file to hear what the person said. That way, even if the STT result was garbled, the recipient could still listen and understand what was said (or at least have a backup plan).

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