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Voice Opportunities Are In Layering

Today, I was lucky to be judging at the Genesys’ Hackathon. It was amazing to see what the teams could pull together in terms of voice applications within 24 hours. One thing seemed to emerge in terms of opportunities — it’s in bringing together readily available technologies.

Several years ago when attending the same hackathon, the biggest opportunity was in finding different endpoints for a service. We had given away an Ubi as a prize and many teams were using it to send announcements from the Ubi for alerts. Developers were awed that they could use mobile, web, and phone interfaces for accessing the same customer interaction.

Today, it was different. It was all about layering in different services and technologies.

Many new AI technologies are now being exposed today as APIs. Sentiment analysis, visual emotion recognition, NLU intents and entities, STT and summarization, are now available to anyone. The real challenge is finding applications where these technologies, combined together, can shine.

That’s what I saw today — many cool applications (at least in the initial stages) putting these tools to use. It’ll be exciting what will hit the market in the next year or two as a result.

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