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Voices in the Walls

Ecobee announced yesterday two new devices that would embed Alexa Voice Service into them: one of them was a thermostat and the other was a light switch. This is a really cool new form factor for AVS and now brings voice interaction to a more logical placement, similar to an intercom.

The Nucleus Intercom was the first to release an AVS integration that could mount on the walls. Triby was similar but on the fridge. With the Ecobee implementation, it could bring down the cost of whole house voice and add to the convenience.

For Amazon, this could be a big win. If an entire home adopts this AVS implementation after professional implementation of the light switches, it’s less likely that they’ll switch to a Google Assistant (or Siri-based) device later.

From an outsider perspective, it’s not a big surprise that Ecobee released an AVS product. Less than a year ago, they closed a $35-Million round that included funding from Amazon.

Very excited to see device like these hit the market…

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