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Watching for Voice at MWC

· MWC2017,google,alexa

Mobile World Congress is coming up this week in Barcelona and there are three things I’m keeping an eye out for: Alexa, Assistant, and Bixby.

It’ll be very curious to see whether Amazon tries to rekindle the Fire Phone in a new way using Alexa. Perhaps it could be an Alexa app or underlying Alexa Voice Service integration on mobile device at a deeper level.

As for Google Assistant, Google has already started to wedge it in deeper to Android, adding Android Messages into the mix to capture SMS conversations and adding a new Google Keyboard. Will it roll out new features?

And then there’s Bixby. It’s very possible that Samsung will reveal the S8 at the event, as it’s done for its new phones in the past. The rumor mill is that these devices will have a dedicated Bixby Button (Bixby is the rumored new voice assistant).

It’ll be interesting to also see whether there will be new IOT devices connecting to HomeKit, Assistant, or Alexa at the show. Will keep an eye out…

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