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Welcome Back!

After a several months of having the Google Home unplugged after an office move, I finally ventured underneath the desk to plug it in and get it setup again. Not sure if it’s because I’m using Google WiFi, but a few things new I’ve noticed:

  • Setup seems much easier
  • The tests for determining that the device is working are very straightforwrd
  • Training for personalized results was very easy
  • The app is very responsive

However, one thing that would have delighted me would have been a welcome back message telling me a few highlights of what I can now do that I couldn’t do when unplugged the Home. This wouldn’t need to be an audio message — it could be displayed through the Google Home app.

Having a user plug a device back in after it’s been unplugged for awhile is a huge windfall for a device maker. Reward the user with something to make them stick with the device longer.

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