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Apple can push the limits on technology, design, and advertising. This is the case for Apple’s latest HomePod ad that is all about the experience of listening to music and almost nothing about the voice interaction or technology behind the device. In the four-minute commercial, the HomePod appears for about 5 seconds.

The ad is more of a celebration of voice-based music requests and how it can make you feel when you ask for a song and the music plays. This was our experience in 2013:

Perhaps what Apple is selling is the “intelligence” in knowing what would cheer you up at the end of a day. What’s the exact song that it can play for you at a given time to brighten your mood. Can it produce sound in such a way that it makes you feel the music? (Or does it emit some psychedelic causing drug?)

HomePod does more than music but based on the demand for voice-to-music market now being developed, maybe there’s room for more devices that are voice first and only music playing?

Of course, Spike Jonze can learn a lot from other creative ad makers on how to make a creative ad:

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