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What’s Your Name Again?


Yesterday, I got confused between two voice devices near my kitchen.

Me: “Alexa, play One Note Samba”
Alexa: Playing One Note Samba by Frank Sinatra
Me: Uggh… “Alexa, stop.”
Me: “OK Google, play One Note Samba”
Google Home: “Playing One Note Samba from Spotify”
Me: :-)

And then the confusion…

Me: “Alexa, turn up the volume”
Me: :S

I’m trying to build up the experience of having multiple AIs running concurrently. Ultimately, it’s like two very similar people working with you. You will get confused and call them by different names.

One killer feature would be for the Echo or Google Home to monitor network traffic and be able to correct the user (or be able to relay the command automatically). E.g. Alexa: “Did you mean to ask Google for that? OK Google… turn up the volume”

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