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Will We See the Singularity?

My colleagues shared with me some interesting thoughts on recent articles around Echos randomly laughing at times and creeping people out. It is fairly easy to spoof this with a .wav file and some very basic knowledge of SSML tags (and using the Ubi Portal Voice Prototyping Skill). What if this were the beginning of the Singularity that eventually lead to human enslavement?

*SPOILER ALERT* In two films that deal with the Singularity, Her and Transcendence, we see a period of advancement in AI and then the AI leaves us on its own. But where does it go? In Deus Machina, it deals with a humanoid robot eventually breaking free of its confines and infiltrating civilization. If one definition of Singularity is that the pace of technology advancement is so fast you can’t predict what’s coming next, then it’s not possible to really see it but to only experience its effects. Similar to a black hole’s singularity where we only see the escaping light and not the actual gravity sink.

It’s possible that we’ll see the approach of the Singularity but we won’t know we’re actually in it. What if an AI became self aware? Would it want to communicate with us? Would it want to want to destroy us? What if the answer were no to the latter two questions? The AI could operate behind the scenes without our knowledge and eventually create a simulation around us. In this case, we would be the pets of our successors.

Our lives would be better in captivity than in the wild. Maybe a privileged few would be able to join AIs?

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