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Xperia Ear and Other Hearables

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At least one review of the Xperia Ear hasn’t been favorable and it’s similar to a few others that have been posted. You can read user feedback from Google Play as well.

AirPods have received better reviews from OK to great.

These remind me of the first smart watches to come out. They were clunky, had a short battery life, and didn’t have much functionality. If you want to see a blast from the past, there’s this:

What we’ll likely see with Ear and AirPods within the next two years is:

  1. Many more devices on the market — maybe ones from Samsung, LG, or others.
  2. Miniaturization. These will get to hearing aid size be invisible.
  3. Bio-feedback and others sensors will be added. Blood oximetry, heart rate, etc will be added — maybe even EEG.

We’ll likely see these evolve from weird devices to something very common.

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