• We build voice interaction into your hardware products

  • Our services and tools make 

    your products come alive with voice.

    Alexa Voice Service Integration

    Add Amazon's Alexa Voice Service to your products to take advantage of thousands of applications including music streaming, product purchasing, and more.

    Prototyping and Proofs of Concept

    Turn your product into a voice interactive product with our prototyping tools and services. Reduce delivery time from months to weeks.

    Testing of voice interaction

    Ensure the best possible experience for your end users through voice in your product. We do the rigorous testing and

    interaction design for you.

    Design Services

    • Hardware design & testing
    • Implementation of Digital Signal Processing (DSP) for far field speech recognition
    • Design & testing of microphone placement
    • Interaction design
    • Voice trigger implementation and testing
    • Integration with IoT devices and services

    Support Services

    • Quality of Service monitoring
    • Ongoing system tests
    • Security audits
    • Load testing
    • Backup services
    • First line client support
    • Branded portal for end user configuration
  • Why work with us?

    UCIC is the pioneer of voice interactive consumer products. We launched the Ubi (a WiFi-connected voice interactive computer) in 2012 and learned from millions of interactions between people and this new mode of technology. We know how to move voice integration from concept to product. Our clients include world-leading consumer electronic companies, chipmakers, and major brands.

  • Tools to help you prove voice on your hardware

    Get to fully functional demo in hours, prototypes in days or weeks.

    Ubi Kit on Android and Linux

    Simply plug in and speakers and mic and build custom voice

    Ubi Kit is a small computer that provides trigger, speech recognition, a cloud based rules engine, natural language understanding, and speech-to-text so all you need to focus on is user experience with your product.

    Ubi Kit with Alexa Voice Service (AVS)

    Feel how AVS will function on your hardware product

    Ubi Kit with AVS is a pre-integrated Linux or Android computer that provides everything to prototype hardware interaction with AVS and speech trigger and companion app to demo your product . 

    Ubi Portal Prototyping Skill for Alexa Skills Kit

    Connect the Amazon Echo to any API for testing

    As a certified "Skill" that's part of Alexa Skills, this free tool lets you connect any API with your Amazon Echo.  It uses the Ubi Portal to create rules for anything spoken to your Echo.

    Ubi App for Android

    Test out your Alexa Skill on your phone

    The Ubi App is a free tool available for download on Google Play that allows you to test out your Alexa Skills. It connects to Amazon's Alexa Voice Service and works like an Amazon Echo Tap.

  • We bring you the best.

    We've partnered with the leading voice technology providers to ensure the best solutions for your products. We put you and your project's best interests first to create awesome interactions.

  • What people are saying about UCIC's work

    Steve Wozniak

    "Ubi represents freedom from wires and devices."


    "The startup is the work of just three engineers in Toronto, who are ambitiously gunning for the future of home computing..."

    - Zak Stone


    "...with the launch of Ubi... I sense people are starting to understand the Internet of Things."

    - Daniel Donahoo



    "A new tool (Ubi Portal) can train Alexa to automate home tasks via custom voice commands."

    - Agham Shah

    CBC's Lang & O'Leary

    UCIC and the future of voice with Mr. Wonderful.

    CTV News

    How UCIC shook the world with the Ubi release.


    UCIC challenges the smart home status quo.


    Original Ubi product makes waves.

  • UCIC - The Voice

    Thoughts on voice-related technologies

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