• About UCIC

    Our mission is to make human interaction with technology easy and natural. Technology should fade to the background and be invisible to us.

    What we do

    You want to create incredible hardware products that will delight and set the market on fire.
    You've seen voice-enabled products take off and want to be a part of this wave.
    You know you need to innovate to stay ahead of competition but aren't sure where to begin?

    We've helped major consumer brands and technology companies bring voice-interactive products to life.


    We are pioneers in adding voice to hardware, having launched our own product, Ubi - The Ubiquitous Computer - back in 2012.

    We're here to help you:

    • Find out what you need to put voice into your product
    • Navigate the new technologies coming out around voice
    • Rapidly have a working proof of concept and prototype to help you decide your next steps
    • Get ahead of the market with voice-enabled award-winnable products

    Interested in taking the next step? Send us a quick note below.


    UCIC (Unified Computer Intelligence Corporation) was founded in 2012 after a successful Kickstarter campaign for Ubi - The Ubiquitous Computer. It was successfully backed in 2013 by Maple Leaf Angels and won the inaugural N100 competition. UCIC's founders have backgrounds in engineering, robotics, unmanned vehicles, and human computer interaction and previous to UCIC, had worked on dozens of high profile research projects with leading institutions. UCIC is based in Toronto, Canada, with staff in Canada, the US, and India.

  • Our Leadership Team

    Our team includes professionals with decades of experience

    in voice interaction and cutting edge technologies.

    Leor Grebler

    CEO & Co-founder


    Leor drives UCIC towards its goal of making interaction with technology seamless and natural. He's worked with startups and large companies.

    Blake Witkin

    President & Co-founder


    Blake oversees structure and governance and brings his experience from decades of running successful hardware companies.

    Vadim Snitkovsky

    Technology Advisor


    Vadim is an expert in implementation of voice technologies. He has 15 years of experience working on hundreds of voice projects.

    Angela McGeachie-Hendry

    Customer Relations Manager


    Angela brings 20+ years of client management experience to ensure that UCIC's clients are taken care of and have a world class experience.

    June Wells

    Business Development


    June supports UCIC's business development experience by researching new lines of business. She has 20+ years of business development work.

    David Pamenter



    30 years of experience in technology law, business and commercial law, mergers and acquisitions,

    Ahmed Bouzid



    Dr. Bouzid has decades of experience in designing voice interactions including with Witlingo, Amazon, Xowi, Genesys, and Angel.

    Michael Wen



    Michael is a hands on technology enthusiast who has run a number of successful software and hardware startups.

    William Mougayar



    William is an author, blogger, and founder of several startups that have successfully exited.

  • Investors and Financing

  • UCIC in the news

    Steve Wozniak

    "Ubi represents freedom from wires and devices."


    "The startup is the work of just three engineers in Toronto, who are ambitiously gunning for the future of home computing..."

    - Zak Stone


    "...with the launch of Ubi... I sense people are starting to understand the Internet of Things."

    - Daniel Donahoo


    "A new tool (Ubi Portal) can train Alexa to automate home tasks via custom voice commands."

    - Agham Shah

    CBC's Lang & O'Leary

    UCIC and the future of voice with Mr. Wonderful.

    CTV News

    How UCIC shook the world with the Ubi release.


    UCIC challenges the smart home status quo.


    Original Ubi product makes waves.

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